I've done a lot of Time Attack for this game, and for a lot of different categories, too.
I've made some neat tables for each category, which should make it pretty convenient to scroll through.

- Time Attack Rules -

Page defining the rules of each category in F-ZERO GX.

The content of this page was mostly taken from FZeroCentral.org's rules page, but with less redundancy and a better looking page overall.

- Exclusive Machines -

Page with the main purpose of explaining what the 15 exclusive custom machine parts in F-ZERO GX are, as well as having written tutorials on how to obtain them for yourself.

This is a re-written revision of an earlier release of this document, which I published to FZC a while back: http://www.fzerocentral.org/viewtopic.php?t=13767

- Configurations & Calibration -

Page displaying what kind of configuration and calibration settings that are available, and how I have it customized.

Shout-out to Mr. Yoshifan for some of the research he has written on "this page".
(I included quite a bit from it for my page)

- Version Differences -

Page covering the version differences of all the four versions of F-ZERO GX.

This page is quite huge, so you'll probably have to be a bit patient before it manages to load completely.

- Compiled Snaking (蛇行) Leaderboard -

Leaderboard for Snaking Time Attack, which I spent an eternity to compile. If you're curious about how people rank in the Snaking category, then this is the page to visit. This leaderboard has got all of the top times compiled to one place. That's not all, though, this leaderboard includes videos for every top record that has a video available. No need to do constant searching on the Internet to try and find more videos of Snaking records.

- Tool-Assisted Speedruns -

On this page there is a short explanation of what a TAS (Tool-Assisted Speedrun/Superplay) is, and what kind of exclusive TAS techniques there are in F-ZERO GX. Additionally, there is a table dedicated to all of the TASes that I've created over the years.

- F-ZERO AX: Extra OST Songs -

Page with download links for the four unreleased F-ZERO AX music files. By that I mean music files that didn't make it into the official F-ZERO GX/AX OST. Out of the four music files, two of them are actually used in F-ZERO AX, but still not included in the OST for whatever reason. The other two are unused songs that a developer left in. Thank you Mr. Developer! (lol)

World record list for all of the three main categories, two sub categories, and even Story Mode.

So... why is this page placed here, when it redirects to an external site? That's because I published this WR page way before I created my website. Perhaps I'll make a slightly updated version of this FZC WR list and make it part of my website at some point, but no promise on that one.

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